Book review published!

Last week, the second volume of the Bighton based journal Critical Studies was published. In this volume, one can find my review of the book Futures of DemocracyThe book is edited by Bas Leijssenaar, Evert van der Zweerde and Judith Martens, who aim to discuss the topic of democracy in a democratic fashion. In my review of the book I argue that the editors and authors could have reflected more on what it means to write democratically, and that it is surprising that a book with such an aim is not available in an online open acces format. One excellent example of such an attempt is the Writing History in the Digital Age project, that combines an online open access and open review format with a physical book for those – like me- who still like to hold paper in their hands.  Nevertheless, Futures of Democracy shows some great examples of writing in a more dynamic, participatory way and should be seen as a great first step towards a more inclusive and more democratic way of academic writing.


Read the entire volume of Critical Studies here (open access!), or skip to my review directly.


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